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Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a pink-colored variety of Quartz (Silicon Dioxide) that can be found in a wide variety of igneous, metamorphic and sedementary rocks but most commonly forms as solid masses in the core of large pegmatites (blocks of coarse-grained granite). The pretty, pink colored crystals have long been associated with peace, love and friendship and throughout history Rose Quartz has always been one of the most popular magical stones.

The unique color of Rose Quartz, which ranges from pastel pink to rose red, is still not completely understood. In massives the color was originally believed to be caused by the presence of titanium and iron and some geologists thought colloidal gold (microscopic fragments of gold suspended in the Quartz crystal) was responsible. Research using newly available technology has shown that the color is caused by microscopic mineral fibers running through the Quartz. When tested these fibers proved to be very similar to, but not exactly the same as Dumortierite, which may mean a completely new and previously unknown mineral has been discovered.

For many years Rose Quartz was believed to only form in massives (large, amorphous lumps) and this was considered unusual because all other types of Quartz, such as Amethyst, Citrine and Rock Crystal, grow in beds of well structured crystals. There is no obvious reason why Rose Quartz does not form crystals as readily as other varieties of silicon dioxide, which adds to the stone's scientific mysteries. Rose Quartz crystals were discovered in Brazil in 1959 and were so rare and unexpected that at first many geologists dismissed them as fakes. Brazil remains the only source of Rose Quartz crystals found so far.

Rose Quartz is usually too cloudy to cut as a gemstone, but a few crystal specimens with excellent color and clarity have been made into very fine gems. Transparent crystals of Rose Quartz are very rare indeed and get their color from a combination of aluminium and phosphorous impurities. Their pink color is photosensitive and can fade when exposed to sunlight.

Rose Quartz is found in Brazil, Madagascar, India, Germany, Scotland and several areas of the United States. Custer, South Dakota, was for many years a top source of high quality Rose Quartz and in 1966 adopted the stone as its State Mineral, but nowadays most of the material on the market comes from Brazil. In some areas Rose Quartz forms with Rutile needles embedded in the stone, which causes 'asterism', a star of light shimmering on the surface of the stone. In this, as with its other qualities, Rose Quartz is unusual. Most stones display asterism when light reflects off their surface, whereas Rose Quartz displays asterism when light is shone through the stone.

Much of the Rose Quartz on the market nowadays is cheap, pale material that has been dyed pink to enhance its market value. The best indications are usually color and price. Dyed Rose Quartz may have an unaturally bright or garish pink color and is very cheap compared to genuine stone.

Legend has it that the Greek God Eros felt pity for humans when he saw the pain and loneliness caused by anger, so he created Rose Quartz in the hope that its beautiful color and gentle energy would arouse love and desire among people. The pretty pink stone has been associated with love, peace, friendship, beauty and joy throughout recorded history and probably was for a long time before 'history' began.

Working with Rose Quartz is beneficial in many ways. It draws and holds the energy of Love, increases your awareness of the beauty and magic in the world around you and helps you to maintain a peaceful, harmonious environment. Rose Quartz can be used in any form of love magic but perhaps the simplest is to give it away as a gift, which is said to increase the recipient’s love for you. As a gift to yourself it can help you find where you are ‘blocking’ love in your own life and show you how to overcome problems that stop you loving yourself as you should, such as depression, low self esteem or self-hatred. Rose Quartz is an excellent stone for children who need Love or for adults who were deprived of Love as a child. It teaches us that being happy, healthy, peaceful, creative and surrounded by Love is a right, not a priveledge.

All forms of Quartz have the power to amplify and transmit energy and not surprisingly Rose Quartz is considered to be an especially good channel for divine energy and Love. Because it channels the power of Love many healers consider Rose Quartz to be a heal-all that can be used to help any condition or complaint and it is always helpful to incude a piece of Rose Quartz in any healing or magical work that would benefit from the influence of Love. Rose Quartz is also associated with the healing power of forgiveness and can be used to open the heart, heal the pain of past upsets and release guilt and old grudges. Although Rose Quartz is a very gentle stone this process is not always easy and many people report overwhelming feelings of pain, sorrow or regret when they begin working with the stone. Rose Quartz is well suited to the Heart Chakra, the astrological signs of Taurus, Virgo and Libra and all things that fall under the rulership of Venus/Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love.

If you are expecting a heated debate or an unpleasant confrontation then keep a piece of Rose Quartz in the room to help the participants keep a cool head and channel their anger towards productive solutions. Raw chunks of Rose Quartz seem to work best for this, but any stone you use should be cleansed thoroughly afterwards because all forms of Quartz have a tendency to store the energy they absorb. Rose Quartz is associated with the energy of Elemental Water, which can cool the fire of anger and wash away pain. A piece left as an offering in a well or pond makes a wonderful gift to the Goddess, 'Mother Nature' and the feminine aspects of Earth and Water. Elemental Water is especially powerful when working with self-love, which is vital because until you truly love yourself you cannot love anyone else. Work with Rose Quartz opens your heart to the people around you and reminds you to be gentle and compassionate with others.